5 Food You Must Try In Sucre, Bolivia

5 Food You Must Try In Sucre, Bolivia

Also, another thought while I was spending some time in Sucre, I am definitely one of those backpackers who travel to eat, as opposed to eating to travel. I can’t do pollo a la plancha (grilled chicken) for 5 days in a row even if it is the cheapest thing to fill your bellies with. Plus, Bolivia is literally the cheapest country in South America and not partaking in the deliciousness this city has to offer is almost a crime. Bolivia is not famed for having the steak and wine of Argentina, or the ceviche of Peru, while land locked and slightly devoid of typical South American deliciousness, Sucre does find its own way to satisfy my travelling taste buds and while arriving with lowered expectations, I found myself pleasantly surprised with Sucre’s offerings.

1. Salteñas

Just next door is the ever-popular El Patio. The salteñas there are good but just not superior like the ones here at Flores. Plus, if you are vegetarian, you won’t find any options over at El Patio. For the uninitiated, a salteña is a small pocket of goodness. It’s kind of like a miniature pot pie. You get your choice of fillings but I prefer the more traditional pollo & carne flavors. It’s served with a spoon and I’ve learned the best way to eat it is to crack it gently, then eat up the juicy insides first. The pastry around the salteña is mildly sweet and the filling is very wet, so prepare yourself with napkins if you intend to just dig in!

2. Street Juice

Where you can get really cheap juice, food, groceries, literally everything here. But you have to be prepared for the incredibly real side of Sucre, which is still a little rough on the edges. Raw cuts of meat which legitly made me gag a little, old women squatting on the floor nibbling bits of vegetables literally broke my heart. Then you see strays nudging little kids for morsels of their biscuits and the occasional rat scurrying across the floor. An eyeopener no doubt but just be mentally ready to take all of that and more in.

3. Cheese empanadas

Condor Cafe is more than just a place to grab a bite to eat. It’s a non-profit organization that gives the money directly back to the community through its various projects. Inside the cafe, there is a travel agency devoted to NGO trekking around the area. That’s all very admirable but it honestly wouldn’t have made this list if it weren’t for its stellar eats. The cheese empanadas and tucamanas are stand-outs but almost on par, is their set menu del dia offering a 3 course hearty, fresh vegetarian meal for 35 Bs. Just as worthwhile are the cakes and above-average coffee drinks. The menu is small but satisfying. We ate here several times throughout our stay in the city and everything we ordered, we loved. The service is genuinely sweet too

4. Mondongo with salad

El Huerto is not in the central part of Sucre but for a mere 10 Bs, a taxi will take you there. It’s a small price to pay in order to taste some of Sucre’s best eats. This place specializes in Bolivian main dishes such as Picante de Pollo or the exceptional Mondongo. The sunny courtyard provides the perfect backdrop to relax and enjoy your meal. They even have a salad bar, which normally I would strongly advise against, however, this one is outstanding. Fresh options all washed in filtered water (I asked) so no fear of getting sick. Great quality and variety. If you thought Bolivian food was boring or too greasy, come here and change your mind for the better. But wait, what the hell is mondongo?! Ah, I almost forgot-it’s pork ribs cooked in an aji rojo sauce (not spicy just very red). I warn you now, it’s addictive.


Basically a plate of meat, fries and some vegetables topped with a boiled egg. I’ve had this multiple times in Bolivia and usually it’s best shared but you know #solotravelerproblems so I had this and it filled me for both lunch and dinner. It was the best Pique a lo Macho I’d tasted in Bolivia though! If you’re into trying all the local food there is, this is for you.



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