Bolivion Silpancho – One Of The Best Dish In Bolivia

Bolivion Silpancho – One Of The Best Dish In Bolivia

Silpancho (original Quechua word: Sillp’anchu) is a typical, popular Bolivian food from the city of Cochabamba. When prepared properly, this tends to be a large and filling meal laden with carbohydrates and fat. It consists of a base layer of rice, usually white, followed by a layer of boiled and sliced potatoes. Next, a thin layer of schnitzel-style meat is laid on top, followed by a layer of chopped tomato. In addition, onion, beet and parsley are mixed together and topped with either one or two fried eggs.

Variants including dicing and cooking the meat over the rice cooked instead of remaining in steak form. Another variant is to place pico de gallo on top of the eggs instead of parsley, onion and beets. Another variant marinates the meat using ingredients including soy sauce.

Bolivian Silpancho – Meat, Eggs, Rice, Potatoes and Salad on One Plate

The combination of daily common foods like meat, eggs, rice, potatoes and tomato salad makes for a unique & hearty flavor, the famous Bolivian Silpancho.

Course                    Main Course

Cuisine                   Bolivian, Latin American
Keyword                Bolivian Food, Bolivian Silpancho
Prep Time              20 minutes
Cook Time            35 minutes
Total Time            55 minutes
Servings                4 people


1.5 lbs thin sliced top sirloin
8 eggs assuming 2 eggs per person, adjust as needed.
1 cup olive oil the original recipe is cooked with vegetable oil
8 medium yucon potatoes
4 tomatoes 4 tomatoes on the vine or 6 roma tomatoes since those are smaller
1 small red onion
1 green bell pepper
fresh parsley for garnishing
pinch salt/pepper add salt/pepper to taste
2 cups breadcrumbs
2 cups rice You can cook this the night before
1 tbsp red wine vinegar


Put the potatoes in a pot covered with water, turn heat to high. Boil until you can pierce them but be careful not to overdo it.

Cook rice separately, you can even do this the night before.

While the potatoes boil, pound the beef slices with a meat mallet and then coat them with breadcrumbs. Season with salt and pepper at this point too.

Fry meat in hot oil for about 1-2 minutes each side depending on how thin the meat is. Remove from frying pan and place in a plate with paper towel. Let it cool there while you fry the rest. The paper towel will absorb the oil from the meat.

Once the potatoes have boiled and are soft enough to pierce with a fork, put them aside to cool for a bit, then peel them. Cut them in medallion shapes and fry them on each side, sprinkle with salt and place them in another plate with paper towel to absorb the oil.

While you are frying the potatoes, chop tomatoes, onion and green pepper in diced shape. Mix them together in a bowl. Add 2 spoons of olive oil, 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar and salt to taste. Mix well and put aside.

Lastly, fry the eggs. Usually the preferred choice for this dish is sunny side up.

Put the plate together. You can put rice on bottom, then steak on top or rice on the side and the steak on the other side of the plate. It’s up to your taste. Add fried potatoes on the side. Put the egg on top of the steak, add salad all around as desired and decorate with parsley.



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