Must Try Food In Peris

Must Try Food In Peris

1. Inhale Fresh Bread

There’s nothing better than crunching on a baguette fresh out of the oven! Wandering the streets of Paris with a baguette in hand is essential! Read about how to pick the best baguette here. My stomach generally does not do well with bread or gluten in the US, but for some reason, I can eat bread in France all day long with no problems! I’m not sure if it’s the different ingredients or maybe just all the walking that is required in Paris, but it’s great!


Words do not describe how good the caramels are from Patrick Roger and Jacques Genin. Amazing in texture, rich in buttery flavor, these little treats will forever change your life. I brought some home for friends and watched their eyes light up with uncontrollable joy as they slowly savoured each morsel of caramel goodness. If you have to pick only one place to do your caramel shopping, I would definitely choose Jacques Genin (get the natural caramel or the ginger caramel… both are amazing).


Really Chris, really? No, c’ Mon.. butter? That’s in your top ten?! I need to have butter in France?! Yes, you really, really do! Le Beurre Bordier will revolutionize your current standard of butter. It will seriously blow your mind. Bordier butter is amazingly super smooth and super rich in flavour. You will literally eat loaves and loaves of bread just to eat more of this butter (especially when you add a sprinkle of fleur de sel). I bought this butter at Laurent Dubois Cheese Shop, although you may be able to find it elsewhere.

4.Steak Frites

Travellers and locals alike line up for this restaurant’s only dish — steak fries. It’s drowned in a mystery green sauce, and you’ll be giddy as a school girl when they come around with a second portion. Do not refuse, for the love of all that is good.


Oh, the humble baguette. What a beautiful piece of French culture! This long loaf of bread has been made in France for centuries, yet the word itself is said to have only been used since 1920. 100 years later it is still going strong, and we saw plenty of locals piling into their neighbourhood boulangerie to collect a warm loaf.

Wondering where to try a good baguette in Paris? Luckily, this is a city that loves awards. Each year there is the Best Baguette in Paris contest, and the list of the top 10 baguettes becomes a culinary pilgrimage route for foodies throughout the city. My favourite? We went for the Grenier à Pain in the Montmartre neighbourhood — a two-time first place winner!



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