Top 5 Iconic Dishes In NYC | Best Food In New York

Top 5 Iconic Dishes In NYC | Best Food In New York

Survival in NYC is dependent on a combination of street-smarts and miracles. Each day brings the possibility that you may meet your end by way of rat bite, subway blunder, or an unsecured air conditioner hurtling toward the pavement. Here, baby strollers are steamrollers, Elmo might be a groper, and even pizza sauce can land you in the crosshairs of the mob.

And yet, against all odds, the city has so far failed to chew you up or spit you out — meaning you still have time to try the best of our Harlem bodegas, storied West Village dinner spots, buzzy Brooklyn joints and questionable food carts. This city doesn’t eat you, friend. You eat this city.

1. Fried Chicken

This Harlem soul food institution serves up tender, crispy chicken cooked in a cast-iron pan instead of a deep fryer — and while the chicken has grown a serious following, the restaurant remains humble, with cafeteria-style ordering. It’s one of the last old-school fried chicken shops still standing, and chef Charles Gabriel continues to deliver some of the city’s best.


The real deal ramen is taking New Yorkers by storm. It’s quickly becoming the #1 “trendy” thing to eat…. ramen shops are popping up all over the place. Ashley and I can’t get enough of this stuff.
Ivan Ramen – you wouldn’t think a Jew from Long Island would end up becoming one of the world’s leading experts on ramen. After his creative and unique ramen blew up big time in Tokyo, Ivan Orkin brought his ramen to NYC in two locations. It’s darn good. And looking for something different? Try one of his amazement, which is less brothy than the traditional ramen. Update: at Ivan Ramen’s main restaurant in the Lower East Side, he has a Triple Pork Triple Garlic Mazemen. It’s one of my favourite dishes of all time, period. The pork meatball appetizer is also bonkers good. If in Times Square for the day, I’d suggest walking up to Gotham West Market, which houses his other ramen shop. The menu changes periodically, which I actually appreciate…. there’s nothing better than trying new concoctions that Chef Orkin dreams up! Psst, while at Gotham West Market, grab some Ample Hills ice cream. It’ll change your life.

3. Braised pork shoulder

April Bloomfield’s first nose-to-tail gastropub is essential for serious carnivores. Renowned for its hefty cuts of tasty, local meat, this place is trading in the best of the best — like the beer-and-apple-braised pork shoulder with roasted mashed potatoes.

4.Pork bun

These days, the city is littered with a wealth of pork buns — but the often imitated never duplicated OG bun is surprisingly simple: steamed bao, roasted pork belly, cucumbers, and scallions. The proportions are perfect; it’s savoury and sweet, and it puts food market copycats to shame.

5.Cumin Lamb Noodles

Xi’an serves a variety of hand-pulled wheat noodles from northwestern China, but the spicy cumin lamb ones rise above the rest. Shredded lamb chuck and shoulder get mixed with rice wine, garlic, ginger, onions, peppers, and a whopping 30 different spices for a very fragrant finish. Though this is the original location, there are many other options throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn to pick these noodles up, including the newest one in FiDi.



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