Top Food In Maxico

Top Food In Maxico

I can only think of a handful of places in the world where I was as excited to eat the food as Mexico City. There’s something I just love about the flavours of Mexican food.

Fresh-made tortillas are one of my absolute favourite things to eat. Add in crispy carnitas, some cilantro and a squeeze of lime and I’m seriously in my happy place.

1. Pozole

According to anthropologists, this pre-Hispanic soup was once used as part of ritual sacrifices. These days chicken, pork and vegetarian pozole versions are readily available in more everyday surroundings. Made from hominy corn with plenty of herbs and spices, the dish is traditionally stewed for hours, often overnight. Once it’s ready to serve, lettuce, radish, onion, lime and chilli are sprinkled on top.

2. Tacos al pastor

This historic dish is one of the most popular varieties of tacos, with origins dating back to the 1920s and 30s and the arrival of Lebanese and Syrian immigrants to Mexico. To create tacos al pastor (meaning ‘in the style of the shepherd’), thin strips of pork are sliced off a spit, placed on a corn tortilla and served with onions, coriander leaves and pineapple.

3. Pambazo

Pambazo is the name of Mexican white bread. It’s also the name of a sandwich made with that bread, which is dipped in a red guajillo chile sauce. The sandwich is typically stuffed with shredded beef or pork, fried potatoes, fried beans, a sprinkling of cheese and lettuce. The one in the photo is pork.


A flauta is one popular Mexican food you’ve probably eaten or at least seen on a menu before at a Mexican restaurant in the United States. It’s a rolled-up flour tortilla and some type of filling, which could be beef, chicken or just cheese. The tortilla is then deep-fried to make it super crispy. It’s usually served with shredded lettuce and some queso fresco.


Guacamole is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most popular dishes, but few people know that this traditional sauce dates back to the time of the Aztecs. Made from mashed-up avocadoes, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice and chilli peppers (and sometimes a clove or two of garlic), guacamole is often eaten with tortilla chips or used as a side dish.



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